February 25, 2014

The new Virginia governor’s Cabinet picks were highly strategic, bipartisan, and nearly opaque. Whom does he rely on for real advice? Here’s a rundown of his closest associates.

  • Dorothy McAuliffe: She’ll now split her time between Richmond and the couple’s McLean home. But those close to them say she’ll still be a full partner.
  • Bill and Hillary Clinton: Bonded to McAuliffe since the early ’90s, they both stumped for him in the governor’s race, which many consider a dry run for Hillary 2016.
  • Aneesh Chopra: The US’s first chief technology officer, he once ran for lieutenant governor. With his ties to Obama and local pols, he’ll be “very helpful,” an insider says.
  • David Jones: A finance staffer for leading Democrats since the early ’90s, Jones is now a partner with the DC consulting firm Capitol Counsel.
  • John Raffaelli: With Peter Kelly, he was part of McAuliffe’s first law and lobbying firm. The three former partners remain close.